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How to Get Started Stopping

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Do I think it's better to gradually reduce or to stop altogether? I don't know. I think that's really up to the individual. For me, the idea of reduction was a great idea that never worked. I always wanted to have one more of whatever it was. And then I would start saying well I'll just finish everything up tonight; sometimes I'd have a big blowout around that.

See if You Can Cut Back

So for you, don’t be afraid to make lots of little attempts and see how it goes! You don’t have to stop once and forever on a dime unless you have some serious consequences looming. NOT everyone stops because they are forced to. Some people find it doesn’t fit their lifestyle or their goals as they start to encounter the responsibilities of adulthood.

Ideally, it would seem like gradually tapering back would be a great approach. It makes sense. We could reduce the number on each occasion or we could cut back to weekends only first, and then see how that goes, or we could (me, often) decide that things weren’t really that bad, and I’d just keep an eye on it. :)

What if I can't Cut Back on My Own?

I was never able to successfully accomplish it -- not in an enduring way. It felt like a tease, and even though I told myself I was trying, I often didn’t do much more than THINK about reducing in those ways and then making myself feeling terrible for not being able to do it.

Many, many people, those whose issues are not as severe, are able to do exactly this. They cut back from having beer every day after work to once a week or so, or once a month or when going out. Many of us are not able to do it that way easily. Is it possible theoretically? Sure. Do many people find success with this? Maybe.

Probably not those of us who have rather more extreme drinking habits and issues to begin with. It can be very hard to recognize regardless, where we are on a spectrum from heavy/dangerous drinking to moderate/casual and with varying regularities.