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How to Use Stanton Peele’s Life Process Program for Harm Reduction, Moderation or Abstinence

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

How you can use the Life Process Program (LPP) for Addiction Recovery

Stanton Peele, Ph.D. has been the pioneering thinker on addiction and how it presents itself in our lives and in society for over 50 years. He offers an online, common-sense, psychology-based program that explains how addiction really works and how you can harness your own strengths to find true connection, joy and purpose in life with or without a particular substance or behavior.

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How Does the Life Process Program Work?

It’s a secure, private and confidential self-contained learning platform.

There are separate programs tailored for specific issues such as alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, porn addiction, food addiction, love addiction, sex addiction, drug addiction …

There are:

8 Modules (scroll down a bit for a detailed description of each) covering the pillars of Dr. Peele’s Life Process Model.

  • Each has a short video,

  • and some reading material from Dr. Peele.

  • Approximately 10 written Exercises (like worksheets), with several questions each.

Stanton Peele’s Life Story journal for in-depth exploration of patterns and problem-solving

Weekly meetings

Addiction Recovery Coaching via Zoom or phone available

LPP is designed to take about 4 months.

15-30 minutes a day would allow you to take full advantage of this unique program.

There are several options at different price points (very, very reasonable!), and there are some direct links below. Even better, just go to the main website, and take a look at the program and package that best fits for you.

Information and Insight on Addiction

You can go through the Program and learn about the Life Process Model overall to gain insight and clarity and give yourself room to explore, in private, with or without a coach, your relationship with addictive substances (and your own goals and values), at your own pace. It’s an excellent guide for life planning in general.

The self-guided version might be most conducive to that, and it’s highly affordable!

Exploring Addiction and Recovery

Some set a goal or a mini-goal and then reassess after a period of time: e.g., cut back on use, be aware of when, where and maybe why you reach for a substance or behavior. A lot of it becomes automatic, AND we create a relationship that we pair with all kinds of emotional associations and feelings. We can break those habits and associations. You can purchase coaching at any time on a one-off or more regular basis. All of the offerings can help in this process. They’re subscription-based, so you can cancel at any time.

Link to: Current pricing plans

Focusing on Addiction Recovery

The full coach-led program incorporates feedback from a dedicated coach after you submit each Exercise. These are real responses to what you’ve written; no stock answers.

People have different goals as to what role they want specific behaviors or substances to play in their lives. The beauty of LPP and its coaching is that we want to support your goals and values. Nobody will try to convince you about what you “should” do. We want to help you take a look at what’s going on in your life now and how you can shape it going forward.

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"Harm reduction is helping people, non-judgmentally, to live their best lives -- starting with surviving -- no matter where they start, or what hole they're currently in ... Meanwhile, the helper wants to convey his or her confidence, without criticism, that this hole is not their permanent resting place.", Stanton Peele. Photo by ChadoNihi,

Moderation and Harm Reduction

Many people experiment with moderation and/or abstinence as they go through the program and come to a variety of conclusions about how they want to proceed.

Some people are trying to reassess after a period of abstinence or coming from a 12-step philosophy, what makes sense in their lives for the future or to view from a broader perspective once they have a better handle on things. Others may want to reduce and be more mindful of their addictive behaviors and habits.


And some know they want abstinence for a period of time, or forever ... Well, we don’t talk much about forever, because that’s pretty far off, and life can take a lot of unexpected turns, but sometimes you just KNOW you want to be done. That’s a great time to really make use of a program like LPP. A lot of clarity can come from abstinence or a period of abstinence.

Who Can Benefit from LPP?

One of the best things about this program is how well it can fit into any stage of the addiction recovery process -- and it might even help you determine that you’re good where you are.

  • If you just want to take a look at the role of substances or addictive behaviors in your life without any particular goal, just to get some information and think about it a little bit, the reading and exercises are a great way to do that.

  • If you think you might have a problem, but you’re not sure and you want something convenient and private to explore, it’s perfect.

  • If you know you want to make a change, but you don’t want to go to IOPs, inpatient rehab or day programs, the Life Process Program can help (although we may recommend you seek out additional resources locally), depending on your situation. Please note: LPP is not a detox; and that may be something you need help with. Both alcohol and anti-anxiety medications that are benzodiazepines are dangerous and potentially life-threatening if stopped abruptly.

  • If you are in rehab or coming out of rehab, it’s a terrific way to keep things top of mind and get a broader perspective on addiction and life overall.

  • If you are sober or practicing harm reduction and feel like maybe there’s something more to life, LPP can help you clarify that.

  • And last, but not least, if you have been participating in 12-step and would like to learn about a more expansive, affirming view of addiction, this program was made for you!

There’s a lot of material that can be of great use, and our coaches are terrific -- knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and experienced. We have all worked with Dr. Peele extensively for many years now.

Plus, it’s the best deal in town for coaching if you’re enrolled in the coach-led program!

For more information and to sign up, the main website is

Also, please feel free to drop me a line or leave me a message. I’m always happy to answer questions about LPP!

And if you do sign up, mention me. I get a little commission on that! So full disclaimer, there, as well.


Comments or Questions??

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If you’ve ever thought about trying to quit a harmful addictive habit with substances or behaviors, or if you've been over-doing it with drinking, drugs, eating, gambling, porn, etc., and would like to talk with someone about it, take advantage of a free, no-obligation, no pressure, 15-minute consultation to help you consider your options. 

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