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You can Recover
from Addiction

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AA or


Have you ever wondered ... 

  • ... if you might have a problem with drinking (or drugs or a behavior)?


  • Are you confused about the options for help for drinking, drugs or behavioral addictions (food, love, sex, gambling, internet ...)?


  • Would you like to get some information and feedback without being pressured into extreme commitments and decisions?

  • Are you more comfortable with a non-religious, non-AA approach, based on the best of psychology for laymen?

Coaching and Support that Encourages Well Being:

  • Non-judgmental

  • Compassionate

  • Practical

  • Personalized


Your approach fits great with how I like to receive feedback, a mix of encouragement and some careful suggestions. You're a great coach.

Client - Anonymous

Dee is an extremely talented and committed helper. I have worked with her for many years. I would choose her if someone in my family needed help, I don’t think you could find someone better in the US.

Stanton Peele, Ph.D.

I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you for talking me through issues. I hope others will turn to you when in doubt, you are a true blessing to me and others.

Client - Anonymous

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Hi, I'm Dee. I'm a recovery coach in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I hope to share on this Recovery Dee website, some of what I've learned about addiction recovery and to offer some  practical, useful tools and coping skills. These are tools developed by psychology for use by the general public that you can apply to real life, instead of or in addition to the steps of AA.

... more about Dee

Certified Peer
Recovery Supporter

State of Ohio, 2024

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Addiction Recovery Coaching
online & in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Life Process Program

Stanton Peele - LPP
structured online program

*I am a coach at LPP and may benefit directly and indirectly from referrals.

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SMART Recovery

Support Meetings
peer support

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