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Day 2-3

You will gradually start to feel a little less like death warmed over in a short time, usually. For those who drank heavily, pay attention in here. You can still be in danger, and you may feel shaky and nauseous. If you don’t feel right, go to the hospital for help. Generally, you start to feel just the tiniest bit better; maybe a feeling of being sort of generally exhausted and beat up, but not quite as bad as that first day.


Day 4

I have no medical reasoning to back me, but I believe that this is the day for most of us when all the alcohol is finally gone from our systems. I also think that as those last little remnants leave, that our bodies scream for what it’s used to. We crave. We feel physically desperate somehow. We also feel physically better overall, which, perversely, makes it extremely easy to convince ourselves that we will be fine now that we’ve been successful at quitting for a few days. If you can break through that and look to get to that week mark, I think you have such a good chance of continuing on.


Day 7

This is a milestone, mentally and physically! All alcohol is gone from our bodies, and we have made it through the whole rhythm of a full week. It’s a great success, and you can build sobriety, in little chunks like this, whether it’s a week, or a couple of days, or even a couple of hours!

30 Days

There can be a lot of angsty ups and downs, sometimes feelings of power and great appreciation for the beauty and people in our lives, and overall, adjusting and starting to even out. 


And that’s just the beginning! But it’s a really important slice of time. There are a lot of things that happen in there. 


You learn that you can do it!!

You have a chance to feel physically refreshed

You will discover new clarity and sharpness

You may find new energies, physically and mentally

The world expands, and our interests start to peek out just a little bit

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